Jack Med Head Shot

A bio on Jack Medicine?  Hmmmm..... Well, he was supposed to be an alter ego to Don Goede but he never really made the split. The two are so similar there really was no point in having another identity. Thoughts of murdering him get confused with suicide, and the google searches just yield JACK'D Sexual Enhancement Capsules or Happy Jack Medicine so really it was just a half baked idea they are both stuck with. They are both still looking for the right hat. And they are still trying for a "hit". So, I guess until further notice, the bio shall be this:

Weight: 155-170 (depending on season)

Height: 5' 10" (depending on hat height)

Favorite Foods: Salads, sushi, mushrooms, cheese, ice cream, oysters, and broccoli.

Favorite Songwriters: Daniel Johnston, Syd Barrett, Robyn Hitchcock, Bob Dylan, Stephin Merritt, Arthur Lee, TO NAME A FEW 

Favorite Keyboardists: George Winston, Ray Manzarek, Chopin, TO NAME A FEW 

Favorite Guitar Players: Link Wray, Will Sergeant, Paul Leary, Lee Ranaldo, TO NAME A FEW

Favorite Producers: Kramer, Alan Parsons, Phil Spector, George Martin, Rixk Rubin, TO NAME A FEW

Favorite Bands: The Fall, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Butthole Surfers, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Call, TO NAME A FEW

In His Spare Time You Can Find Him: Hiking, taking care of his three dogs, getting smashed at chess by his son, Max. 


Playing music with a band is like talking under water. The more you talk about it, the more you get closer to drowning. ” - Jack Medicine

With Ron English and The Electric Illuminati in Santa Monica 2010

With a blurry ghost in 2018

With Vincent Chase