Early high school photo of Don Goede (pre-Jack Medicine) after his departure from the bands, "The Next", and "Frozen Emotion" in 1986. This was his first sojourn into his solo career, composing and the beginning of using keyboard automation and 4 track recording to be self-sustainable.

Jack Heads West in 2003

The jump from New York back to Colorado was not without its challenges.

Jack sometime in the mid 2000's. Obviously with cuts on his face.


Jack Medicine

Don Goede AKA Jack Medicine had a dream in his early twenties in Denver, Colorado, where the name Jack Medicine came to him in a strange, cryptic, and psychedelic musical capacity. 

"Jack" has had an extraordinary life as a singer/songwriter, musician, producer, and composer but is best known as one third of the Hyperjinx Tricycle (with artist Ron English and songwriter Daniel Johnston) and the musical partner of Daniel in The Electric Ghosts. 

He is spending the second half of his life applying all that he has learned experiencing self-taught music to a becoming learned in music theory, composition, and transcription of the hundreds of songs and pieces of music he has written. 

It has been a thorough diagnosis of BiPolar II in 2022 that he now understands the unusual plight over the past thiry years that has resulted in almost a thousand songs and creation of over 13 bands.